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Past Exhibitions

June 23rd 2016

Transforming Identity...Again is a group show curated by Claudine Maidique featuring emerging and established local artists responding to intrinsic changes in their work, their surroundings, and in themselves as artists. We celebrate the following artists, varying in breadth and medium: Nina Bentley, DeeRose Barba, Miggs Burroughs, Danielle Holmes, Jahmane, Duvian Montoya, Joel Werring, Tammy Winser, Pam Zaremba.

May 14th-15th 2016

This group show called "Transforming Identity"  is inspired by both the changing landscape of the art world and zeitgeist of our time in history socially and politically. I am showing 11artists ranging in breadth from oils, photography, and mixed media. I promise a provocative and inspiring viewing... including Nina Bentley, Joel Werring, Pam Zaremba, Michael McGolf, Duvian Montoya, and Jahmane.

April 26th- May 26th 2016

Claudine Maidique Gallery collaborated with Art Helix Gallery and SHIM, to proudly present A Former Moon, a solo exhibition of Joel Werring's recent collages. 

December 1st-6th 2015 

Miami Project and Art on Paper Miami housed seventy galleries from around the world presenting top modern and contemporary art alongside unorthodox installations activating the hotel's public spaces. The Deauville has long been a major fixture of Miami Art Week. 

May 13th-17th 2015

Claudine Maidique Gallery was pleased to present Homewrecker, a temporary group exhibition examining the emotional complexities of the construction, devastation, and resolution of marriage and family life in contemporary society. The show transcends the common connotation of “homewrecker,” and explores the multiple ways that the “home” can be “wrecked”—whether by betrayal, loss, neglect, disease or addiction, or psychological crisis. Each of the works by the five talented artists in this exhibition offer a glimpse of normative models of American home life and simultaneously reveal a distortion of these social mores. The exhibition seeks to provide more questions than answers: what constitutes a home? What does it mean to have it destroyed? Can a wrecked home be rebuilt or regenerated, its destruction transformed into creation?

May 2nd-3rd 2015

Claudine Maidique Gallery was pleased to present Dark Interior, a temporary group exhibition that examines the shadowy landscape of human emotion and the light-break of redemption in the context of Shakespeare’s masterwork, Hamlet. The work of the twelve talented artists in this show span a variety of media, but each piece offers a glimpse at the shadow self, or “bad dreams,” of the artist, as well as a view of the opposite of those nightmares—a life lived in resolution, peace, and purpose. For, as Hamlet puts it, our experiences are shaped by our perception of them, whether cast in dark or light: “…for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

October 24th-31st 2014


This group exhibition—NOIR—explores fragmentation of body, mind, and character, reminiscent of the film noir genre that originated in the 1940s. Common techniques in cinema during this time involved heavy editing that hid or distorted parts of a face or body and played with shadow and light, often obscuring a narrative progression in ways that emphasized moral ambiguity or psychic flaws. In this show, the arrangement of the pieces creates a similarly ominous or confusing mood.